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Well for who "defend" this think about, only between my friends, 75 of thems cancell the subscription and move on, included me, I'm also asking for refund the money for expansion, only between my friends, so 75 players not going to pay anymore for the game, what the "defenders" of the patch think about this? if nobody pay for the game, you going to defend a down servers, think about it.

I going to wait 48 hours to cancell my subscription to see if they fix this, if not, bye bye swtor.

I'm a tier 2 lvl 50, and die 3 times yeterday because a n00b in the op, I pay 70k in repairs, one of level 63 pay near 180k, i have 2 credits left in my inventory. Next time, any Op or FP, or Raids, is going to be askin: "Only Veterans and report your gear level" so F2P players are excluded for any Op, Raid, or FP from the very begining, the group seracher is not going to help you, because when we see 2 colors armor, then you be going to be expulsed inmediately, and the first mistake, you going to be expeled, so, you going to have a tier "never". So, think about defend the expensive repairs, if you think high levels gain much credits, WRONG, that's absolutely false, I reach level 50 with 200k only, and the last FP and Op, I only have 2 credits, GTM prices make it you poor, sell amors? mods? after level 50 crafted mods or armors, or weapons are stupid, nothing is better than tiers. so think about it.

That's exactly what they want - a situation that creates a very large gap between the "mensch" and the "elite", and they view themselves as the "elite". Very toxic to a game.