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Actually inflation is the minus side. Again, repair costs are what are typically known as a gold sink. Without such sinks in the game, players who have more time to play and farm will begin to accrue a much larger sum of in game currency than the casual player. As a result, the player-driven costs of items is driven up as only those players are the ones paying the higher prices for those items. As a result, more and more items become unreachable for the casual player because they simply cannot make as much money in the same amount of time.

Hey that's my line (except for the quitting part)!

Yes, to quote myself from several posts previous:

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I disagree.

Cash sinks exist to offset cash creation due to mechanics. I.E. they make the economy balance out so there isn't hyperinflation.

That is the only reason they exist in games. Because you can create money (through killing things/etc) there has to be a place money is destroyed. That can be through buying skills, legacy unlocks or the like.

The only reason to increase a cash sink is if there is an in balance in the in game economy and you start seeing hyperinflation. (i.e. people having enough disposable income that even basic goods go for a lot of money) As far as I can tell from monitoring the GTN, no such imbalance currently exists. Hence why a change of this nature is completely unnecessary.

In fact eliminating the dailies entirely would lessen the need for repair costs as there would be less credit faucets.

But basically there to my knowledge has been no sign of increased inflation to cause a need to increase the cash sinks. Certainly not to the extent that this change seems to inadvertently done.
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