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How about you quit being a jerk? Your insults and condescending attitude are not appreciated here, or anywhere.

I do work. I have 3 jobs already. This is my leasure time activity. I run BH and section X twice a week, once each on 2 different chars for comms and cash. And I progression raid because that is the only challenge I find in this game. And progression raiding is NOT a job contrary to your beliefs.

All of my spare money I funnel back into my guild and keeping the guild stocked with stims and other consumables for raiding. As such my companions are generally tasked with gather mats and/or making consumables for my guild, so I can't gain money doing crew skills. My repair costs went up 2.5 times on Tuesday and I can't continue to do raid regularly and keep making stims for the guild because it's too cost prohibitive to do both with my limited time. Looking at what my repair costs are now I will have to do dailies an equal amount of time that I spend raiding just to afford my repair costs alone. That doesn't count consumable production costs just for me, much less my guildies. Any leasure/fun activity should not require equal amounts of boring, mindless grinding compared to the actual fun parts.

I understand that it's an MMO and some grind is to be expected. I do not want or ask for a handout. I want the fun ratio to be readjusted back to where it was for me and most other people. It used to be around 10-15% grind the rest fun, at least for me. Now it's closer to 60% grind, 40% fun. And if you are not having fun the majority of the time doing a "fun" activity, then there is no point in doing it. And that's where most casual players are. This change makes the game more grind than game, and that's the core of the problem. A number of people due to their current wealth, their guilds wealth or whatever,can afford it and that's fine for them. But they are the minority. For the majority it makes the game less fun for them. And anything that makes it less fun for the vast majority of players is not a good thing and needs to be adjusted.
You need a better way of running your guild instead of you stocking everything then. (Not trying to be harsh.) My entire guild pitches in 100k per week per person into the guild bank. We drop every stim/mat that is excess into the guild bank as well as low lvl gear for others. I put a lot into helping the guild out but my crew skills still make me over amounts of money.