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I get it, reading is hard, so I'll write what the patch notes said for you.

"Item sell values and item repair costs now reflect the value of the items and any enhancements attached to them. Previously, items were incorrectly being valued without their enhancements."

It doesn't specify modable gear but it mentions enhancements add to the price now too.

You can augment any gear (except the matrix shard)

I know its a broad statement, but its not as simple as saying "MODABLE GEAR ONLY"
What about your people who have seen no increase at all? People in this topic who claim to Raid. Are you telling me there are people in progression guilds not getting augs for their characters? Because if they had augs their repairs bills weren't correct and now they should be, but they haven't changed. You really should take a minute before you post.

Also my other question, why keep this if the community is largely opposed to it.