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Truth but he/she was replying to my posts and I mentioned the bugs.

Also I don't see a good justification for this. No one is asking for free flying ponies, people don't like the change, the change isn't beneficial to the game and no one requested it. So I ask again, why not get rid of it?
So what you are saying is hey devs this is our game, we make the rules, put what we want into the game or we will quit.

And the devs will say.

This is our game. We will do what we want with our game. So go ahead and quit.

If you really don't think they think like that then I don't know what to tell you. "Take away something that makes me spend money." That's asking for a handout.
And as I said I've been paying 40-50k repair bills, so it didn't effect me as it is others. But guess what? Whenever someone said "Oh my repair bill was 8k." After whiping TFB HM 20 times and mine was 80-100. That annoyed me but I chose to enjoy the game and keep making money. And I just saw more dailies are the bane of existance... Well go read my initial post please.