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1. People are more hostile towards new players in flashpoints.
Due to increased repair costs people are less forgiving of new players in flashpoints whose mistakes cause wipes. Instead of explaining the issues and working with the player people will just be kicked because nobody wants to pay 10k a wipe because of a single player.

3. Casual players can't afford it.
If a person wants to only play a few hours a week and do some ops/HM's they have to spend most of their other time running dailies. Dailies are boring and grindy and nobody wants to spend half their time running them just to fund their other activities.
I'm sorry I have not read the whole thread (it's long - which is reassuring sign!), but wanted to jump in to say these are the ones that effect me personally as a casual player. So a new player messes up - but instead of being given the chance to learn they get kicked because the cost to teaching them is too high. But because they got kicked they couldn't learn and even if they don't get scared off they will never be able to learn. Vicious circle ....

I'm in the category of 3 above - credit poor - and now have to run dalies just to afford to play the parts of the game I enjoy.