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I am very casual player and jump in as time allows. Have never enjoyed "grinding" and while I am content to work for things that I want in game I don't want to be forced to grind in order to even play. The fact that this thread alone is 28 pages long without a single gold response speaks loudly. Not a "we are looking into it" or "we will roll it back" or "sorry, deal with it". Nothing. Bugs all about the game, people posting hundreds of threads asking for fixes yet this supposed bug is addressed, why? Is there one single thread started in the forums saying "Please raise the cost of repairs", I rather doubt it. This kills the community, people need to post screen shots of players shouting for groups "experienced players only" I'm sure it's happening already. Repeatedly dropping pve quests in or right next to pvp zones. Space still largely ignored. Players still largely ignored.

I want to enjoy this game and at times I have. I've hung in there but decisions like this make me think of an old joke.

First man says to the second man: Why are you hitting your head against the wall over and over?
Second man responds: Because it feels so good when I stop

Think its time to stop hitting my head against the wall. Take care all.
From other forum,

This is it, and Why in a PvE server they want more people in pvp? this is stupid.