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Interestingly, it's these independent Jedi that are always the most susceptible to the dark side, lending credence to the OP's theory. The safest one's always seem to be those least willing to commit and those constantly concealing people to remain uninvolved. Whether this is actually "corruption" or just a natural consequence of avoiding anything that might be a "moral hazard" is the only question in my mind.
I'm inclined to think the latter. Yes, the Jedi who ensconce themselves in their Ivory Temple are less prone to falling to the Dark Side, but they're also less prone (a la the Mandalorian Wars) to do anything useful for anybody, or carry out that whole 'guardians and protectors' thing they're always going on about. Even in game, there's a village of innocents within spitting distance of the seat of the Jedi Order that is under constant threat by Fleshraiders, but the Council doesn't want to intervene because the villagers don't have the proper paperwork.

The Dark Side is fuelled by excessive emotion, particularly of a negative sort, so it makes sense that the Jedi who are actually out fighting and being exposed to the assorted Bad Stuff(tm) going on the wider galaxy are more susceptible to those emotion, and therefore to corruption by the Dark Side.

Though I think the Jedi, at least the more hidebound Councillors, make the problem worse, by effectively denying the Jedi most in danger of corruption their support. Revan and company were fighting to save the Republic, but in order to do so they had to go 'renegade', Anakin couldn't go to the Council for help because he was forbidden to have a relationship etc.