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Their problem is that while you shared a way that they could cover the increased repair costs, that way would require actual EFFORT from them. Never mind that the effort could be minimal, AND done while they enjoy the "fun" parts of the game, they would still have to actually do something other than complain and expect someone else to fix it.

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This is a gross generalization and false.

One) many of the people discussing (not complaining) this change and proposing it be changed have plenty of money in the bank. I have a few mil banging around on my new character just for spending money. In fact I use a variation of what he does and have since about the first month the game came out.

Two) The reason we are discussing this is it is a bad decision. It is practically pointless and bad game design. That's all. No other reason.

However the people calling others names and ************ about the complainers apparently are only following and replying to the thread to feel superior in some misguided way.

I pity you.
Allow me to quote you:

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This is talking about lessening the pointless, mindless parts of the game so people can spend more time on the fun parts of it.

Mindless money grinding, whether it be through the GTN or through dailies is pointless in part because it is a complete waste of time.
I'm not the one here complaining that about having to earn the credits to pay for my repairs, or expecting EA/BW to lower the costs. That would be you, among others.