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The search function on this board sucks, so once again...

when people leave WZs, almost always because their team is in a bad situation for one reason or another, another person who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the poor performance of the initial team is now thrust into said situation. more often than not, the new person leaves. then two more ppl leave, and two more ppl back fill only to leave when they realized they've been drafted blindly into an in-progress, losing WZ.

hey, I get it. sometimes you come in and turn the tide. sometimes a person on the winning team dc's and you get a free win. let's be honest, those are the rare occasions. the scenario described in the first paragraph is what occurs the VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME. this hurts the back fillers, either because they're cheated out of a fighting chance in a new wz or because they're sent to the end of the queue if they drop when they realized that they're back fill. this hurts the original teammates that don't leave the WZ because a) they are perpetually playing 1 or more men short while waiting for the back fills to arrive, drop, arrive, drop, etc. and b) instead of getting out of the WZ honorably by having it simply end due to lack of forces, they get the privileged of getting pounded on and sunk into a deeper hole. the only motivations NOT to drop are stubborn pride and the desire to spare an innocent back filler the agony that you're dealing with.

Dear BW and PvP community: you will NEVER eliminate quitters. People will ALWAYS quit. Holding out for back fill wastes more people's time and frustrates more players than it helps.

Please look at your server. If your PvP population is good, please petition to remove back fill from it. I realize that some oceanic servers are suffering from sparse populations and would rather keep unbalanced WZs open. But I assure you, that is not the case with the healthy PVE and PVP servers state side. Please, eliminate back fill. Let the WZs end rather than perpetuate a constant cycle of drop, refill, drop, refill, drop drop, etc.
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