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02.14.2013 , 12:11 PM | #56
I don't think that you should have repair costs in a game with F2P elements which is (presumably) partially aimed at casual players.

When levelling, repair costs are a bit annoying. Presumably they're there as a game mechanic so you accept them at end-game where the bills get much bigger.

There, in subscription games, the repair bills are part of the 'work' that you do to raid week in week out. You need to buy consumables, repair your free so you go and get a job doing dailies in the main game world and flash points etc,

It's part of the cycle of getting people to raid each week - so they can stay subbed.

My point is, like others have said here, that if the game is aimed at casual players, why keep this job element grind in the game? It seems like an outmoded mechanic.