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There is no one answer for who to guard in all situations. There are two components to guard to keep in mind.

1) 25% Threat Reduction
2) 5% Damage Reduction

Component 1 is primarily to hold threat off of DPS classes when needed as healer threat is negligible when tanks/dps are doing their job correctly. Now if the healer is throwing out damage spells in between heals and hitting non-primary mobs...then that's their own fault (just FYI...I'm fine with a healer DPSing when no heals are needed....but plz assist the tank so you don't generate extra threat on mobs they aren't concentrating on).

Component 2 of guard is useful for anyone on the team, even when everyone is doing their job correctly. Most fights have AoE damage that goes on and DPS do take some damage from the weak/standard/strong enemies they should be killing before moving on to champions and above. So that 5% damage reduction helps.

Ultimately if a tank can keep aggro on all the mobs he needs to without using guard.....then it comes down to deciding who is going to get the 5% damage reduction. Generally I'll put in on whatever DPS is acting as the "offtank" for the stronger mobs most often. The only other option to consider is if you have an undergeared player that has very low hitpoints and will die to some AoE them guard helps keep them alive and their DPS or HPS involved (regardless of how high or low that number might be). All else being equal...the player most likely to die from ancillary damage benefits from guard most....regardless of if they are DPS or Healer.

The ONLY time I ever ask for guard on my DPS classes are:

1) If I've pulled champion level mob+ aggro more than once in the flashpoint after having killed any adds.
2) If the tank hasn't guarded anyone and we are 3-4 pulls into the Flashpoint.

A lot of times some tanks seem to think it's "cool" if they can complete a FP without guarding anyone at all. Not using guard at all is a bigger issue than guarding the "wrong" person.

I think a lot of people that rage quit over a healer not getting guard are primarily PvPers where guarding a healer is a much greater priority.

Also...on a side note.....I'm tired of seeing people using the "I'm an X with the Warstalker title" as an excuse for anything. you managed to complete NiM Denova in under 2 hours....that doesn't mean that you did it as a tank and/or that you have any idea how to tank. For all I know you have played as DPS for the last year and are just now respecing to tank due to a guild need and practicing in HM FPs. The Warstalker title isn't a free pass to knowing everything.