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Why is the solution to raise repair costs for everyone rather than lowering it to the same level for everyone?

Alternatively, a solution to this thing is to have trash mobs in all of the ops drop credits like they do in Asation. My raid team cleared TFB last night for the first time last night and despite being in full BH and some 27s, and wiping on the Terror a few times while learning the mechanics, the credits dropped, stuff bioanalyzed, stabilizers, etc more than paid for the repair costs. The problem is where trash doesnt drop anything at all. Of course, I dont think Bioware would consider this because this repair cost issue seems very much to be intentional in order to drain credits from the game economy.
To make this absolutely clear, repair costs have not be raised for everyone, though you raise an interesting point about repair costs. The system would need to be redesigned, because it is currently scaling and there would need to be a baseline number that everyone paid if you simply brought the price down(since the people receiving a discount were not all receiving the same level of discount), but I don't personally think there's anything wrong with simply reducing repair costs overall or doing away with them altogether. The arguments I have heard in favor of the existence of repair costs usually has to do with getting people to be serious about end game PvE or something, but that's not something I particularly care about.
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