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and back when it was changed originally they stated they were dropping that exact cost off because it was too high.
most likely a new guy fixed what he perceived as an error without looking into the past patch notes on the subject.

from the 1.2 patch notes

Modifiable items now have repair costs based on the level of their base modification.
Again from the 1.7 patch notes:

Quote: Originally Posted by Ratajack View Post
From the patch notes:

"Item sell values and item repair costs now reflect the value of the items and any enhancements attached to them. Previously, items were incorrectly being valued without their enhancements."

Sounds like a bug to me.
After 1.2 the repair cost was supposed to be based on item mod levels, but it was actually being calculated WITHOUT the enhancements. According to the patch notes, this patch fixed that bug and now repair costs should be in line with what patch 1.2 intended.

Also remember that most people now have their gear augmented with level 22 augments. Is it possible that prior to 1.7, the game was not taking into account augments when calculating repair costs and is now doing so? If a person has every slot augmented with a purple level 22 augment, that could be a hefty chunk of credits.