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Normally I'd reiterate my request for you to answer my question before I answer yours...

I've never seen any reports of players paying 10x what others do for repairing the same level gear with the same level of damage, so I don't really buy your point?

Now please answer my question. Why is this change good for the game? Please keep in mind that it affects all players at all levels; don't just limit your answer to a specific, small subset of the players, please.
You claim that people who are now paying what others have been paying all along are paying 10x what they were before. The logical corollary is that these people were paying 10x less than what everyone else was at the time.

As I have yet to see evidence of change to repair costs for lower level characters, I refute at least a portion of your question. End Game gear, its unreasonable to expect people to pay different repair prices based on whether or not they wear social gear.
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