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This affects new players. I have a 29 Shadow (tank) in orange gear. In that orange gear, I have level-appropriate armoring, mods, and enhancements. One death cost me a few hundred before the patch . Now it costs me almost 9,000. Tell me, what player who just started the game and has ONE level 29 character can afford 9,000 per death? They can certainly get the gear by doing the heroic planetary quests and flash points...

Normally I'd reiterate my request for you to answer my question before I answer yours...

I've never seen any reports of players paying 10x what others do for repairing the same level gear with the same level of damage, so I don't really buy your point?

Now please answer my question. Why is this change good for the game? Please keep in mind that it affects all players at all levels; don't just limit your answer to a specific, small subset of the players, please.
Well then there's either a new and unintentional bug that has been introduced, or the number you threw out is complete BS. I just went on my level 36 sniper and did a test PvE death, just a tad bit over 1k, which is about what he earns from killing a few mob groups.
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