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Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
The are not high again, they are higher, but not at the level they were originally,

It was a error, they just fixed the error. We should face it, before they fixed this error there was really no penalty for dying, other than you had to do whatever killed you over again. I was more than willing to stealth my way to a chest solo after a comm run in EV. I would do CtS or EoT solo on any character with stealth. Even when people were looking for healers just because I wanted the loot/credits or didn't want to deal with a PUG. Less likely to do that now.

We should be just be thankful that they took their time fixing this error too. Pretty much made progressing though HM EC, HM TFB and most of NIM EC very painless. Now they just need to up the credits in EC to the same level as TfB.
Are you serious? Repairing 61/63 gear set should not cost more than you would get for selling it at the NPC. I got a feeling right now it does.

From the POV of someone that isn't as rich (in-game) as some of you people out there, this change is really messing with my funds. Half( if only that) of what i make from dailies will go to repairs now, a thing... sucky to say the least.

I'm sorry, but fixing something that no one was complaining about and that no one knew was bugged seems rather ... useless.

Why not fix the INSPECT bug?!
Why not fix the bug where you need to confirm several times for taking out a mod out of your item?!
And i'm sure the list goes on with bugs that actually affect our game play in a negative way.