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OK I think I'll release the finals pretty soon, but before I wrap this debate up I'd ask you to consider this, the whole debate pretty much hinges on the below...
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But concerning this debate, seems to be a lot of points for Xizor and the general consensus seems 'death by assassination/sabotage etc'. But I think we need some more definitive points for Xizor taking out Revan. I mean assassinating him is all well and good, but Revan is a Sith Lord and he is aware that Xizor - being a crime lord - is not going to attempt to destroy him via one-on-one combat or in a large scale duel. He will expect assassination, sabotage etc etc. because that's how crime lords work. To ward against such a threat he will likely do one of the following: lock down his vessel, no-one goes in or out without his permission or retreat to the Temple of the Ancients on Lehon, which is something of a natural fortress not to mention a hidden one. In both situations it suddenly becomes incredibly difficult for Xizor to kill Revan.

What's more Revan may very well anticipate evasive and underhanded tactics from the 'Prince of Crime' and so will be wary of charging straight into Coruscant - infact now I think about it its a pretty dumb tactic anyway - only to have Xizor flee. Instead he will likely send assassins to scout the area, if Xizor is there they've got a pretty good chance of killing him. But if Xizor has retreated already (more likely scenario) they will find nothing and report back to Revan. Which means Xizor's decoy will fail (did I just argue with myself there?) That's all I've got for now. I leave you guys to come up for counter points for Xizor and Revan supporters to come up for a death scenario for Xizor...