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I have enough credits to pay for repairs for the next year at these rates. But the rates are stupid.

I'm arguing on behalf of the rookie to flashpoints who shows up in level-appropriate greens, who before this change would have been allowed to stay but now gets votekicked instantly after a gear check. Or the person who misclicks once in a flash point and gets votekicked.

I'm arguing on behalf of the new player who wants to craft as he levels up, but quickly finds he doesn't have enough money to pay for that big level of training (like 30) because he's spent so much on repairs without even noticing it.

I'm arguing on behalf of the people who want to raid in the game but don't have the time or patience or desire to WORK in a game just to get to the fun stuff.

I'm arguing to make the game better and more fun for a wide variety of players who aren't me, so this game can have more people enjoying it and live longer and grow and get better.

Someone has to do it, because EA sure as hell isn't.

Tell me... why do you think the in some cases 10-fold increase in repair costs is GOOD for the game?
I dont think your arguing I think your talking common sense, I also have enough bread to last so does not bother me either, but I am thinking of those that have limited time per evening or per week, I dont think some people realise that others have commitments and cant spend 30Hrs per week.

But i'm ok jack so dont matter, love that attitude.