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Quote: Originally Posted by Larity View Post
As the leader of my guild

I say, run dailies, open a guild bank, deposit credits, help guild out.

But then again, I trust my guild

and a few thousand more credits isn't hurting my wallet.

Does no one realize this was a bug that has now been fixed?

Not everyone has a guild.

Not everyone in a guild has a guild leader as generous as or with as much time as you.

This doesn't just affect people doing dailies or flashpoints at 50. This affects endgame raiders to the tune of 100's of thousands of credits PER RAIDER PER RAID. This affects new players possibly so significantly that they may have to defer training of some skills for some levels.

So, yeah, great that it's no hassle for you. It's a hassle for a lot of people. Can you see beyond "you"?
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