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02.14.2013 , 10:05 AM | #6
I feel like the Sith stories are working towards stability in the Empire.

I get the feeling the Sith Warrior will become an enforcer killing off any radical elements, with the Inquisitor maybe working towards 'reform' to make the Empires goals and aims more unified.

Hard to comment on the IA/BH as they have variety in theirs endings.

When you look at the republic classes actual victories they are minor, they either kill unimportant characters or they remove people who cause issues in the Empire.

I hope and believe if they continue the story we will see the Empire become stronger and after playing the Republic stories it seems that most people in the republic don't think they could win the war and that kind of attitude is bad for morale.
The siege of Coruscant was in fact brought to an end after the republic agreed to give the Empire a Shrubbery, one that looked nice and wasn't too expensive.