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I still havemy doubts on that one. If I'm gonna get pulled off of, then 99% of the time it's during that first Force Lightning. To the point where on any given boss fight I will hold off with FL until I can get those first couple taunts off.
It just always seems like that is the critical time when my threat gen just drops.
Recklessness, my man.

Shock > Wither > Discharge > Taunt (between GCDs) > Shock > Recklessness > FL > normal rotation > nap

With ubergoober DPS, you can always chuck the AoE taunt as soon as the single target wears, assuming you don't have another need for it in the following 45 seconds (unlikely, on any current boss).

Edit: For the record, besides taunts, FL is the 2nd largest contributor to single target TPS. Shock is #1, FL is #2, Wither is #3.
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