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Best tip I can give you is forget suggestions about crafting or sending out your ship droid to make loads of cash from missions. The rewards are not that great and you only have that droid you can send if you still want to quest.

The sweet spot is gathering and selling the materials at your level.

Pick up

Archeology (sell artifacts / power crystals)
Biochem (Sell all materials)
Scavenging (sell all materials)

You still have the option to level the skillby sending out your droid on these but you also find a huge amount while questing and from mobs. The rewards are high. Most level 2 mats will return 200-400 each when sold, level 3 can be much much higher depending on what you have. Some people save some of these so they can retrain a skill when they get close to 50, but by that time you have up to 5 companions and are not short of money.

I would guess you could make anything up to 10k an hour from just wandering around gathering this way. Just don't sell in single units, you will run out of selling space real soon (it's also really annoying to buyers lol)