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02.13.2013 , 05:01 PM | #5
I appreciate the replies.

I firmly think accuracy should be stacked right behind expertise for PvP, but I was thinking the next stat priority after crit would be alacricity.

So the assumption that unload doesn't provide it's full damage with less of a cast time is not the issue. I'm glad that seems to be the case, it didn't make much sense when I read it. Bad info is bad info - hopefully.

I'm with you all on the broken aspects of mercenary pvp, fixes like cover and any other mechanic would be worthwhile. Playing on my little sniper I can see a ton of difference. But I can only control what I can control. So 2.5 second cast vs. a 3 second cast. 2 second power shot / tracer missile vs. a 1 second.

Any other thoughts on whether that stat could help or hurt? Opinions and experiences are welcome!

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