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02.13.2013 , 11:27 AM | #1
I've been getting countless errors over the past week now and it's just getting tiring.
Ever since the 5th my launcher has been loading extremely slow(like 10-20 minutes), I've been getting random disconnects when trying to login, when I fiinally get online I have like 80k Server Lag and loads of interfaces missing, when I try to logout I get infinite load screen and have to restart which completely repeats the whole process again until I finally get lucky. Though, today It's just continually repeating all of the above and not working.

I know I have a really poor internet, but I've been playing for 6 months if not more perfectly without any problems and it's only just starting getting like this on the 5th. I've already made a thread about this before and thought I fixed it so I left the thread, but it's back.

Please help.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the website (only SWTOR) seems to be running really slow for me aswell for some reason, other websites seem to be loading at their usual snails pace.
EDIT:Currently sitting on 120,000 Server Lag MS and it's rising by about 1000 every second.

200,000 - 5:36 PM
300,000 - 5:37 PM

Was at 357,00 ~ then got kicked to an infinite loading screen.. sigh..

ALAS finally managed to get online with full bar connection after an hour and 43 minutes. I'd still like help to prevent this problem in future though. Oh, and I only wanted on that account to transfer credits over, so hopefully my otherr will work.