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Good news everyone! Upper Hand and Tactical Advantage proc laugh/giggle is coming back in 2.0! Your Scoundrel or Operative will now chuckle most heartily when they gain their first UP/TA when they previously had zero. Before we took it out completely the sound was playing every time you gained an UP/TA and was really spamming everyone with their infectious chortles. I really miss the giggle so Iím glad we are bringing it back, hope yall enjoy it as well!

Great news. The laugh is win. You just have these two posts so I'm thinking BW recently allotted you hours to roam the forums? (if so we appreciate it). Either way we hope to see more of you Alex. Its been feeling like we're discussing some of this stuff in a vacuum even when the majority can see fixes needs to happen, we can't even get a sense that you guys are on the same page. Can we expect to be seeing BW responses on a weekly basis? Biweekly? Obviously you won't answer every or even most questions, but just knowing that the occasional thread actually gets read is huge.