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02.13.2013 , 10:20 AM | #38
I know that the shortcomings of the prequel trilogy are well documented and, for the most part, I agree with what others have already pointed out. I do, however, find them entertaining. I just go into them knowing that they are not going to be as good as the original trilogy and enjoy them for what they are.

I like episode 1, but I think I still like episode 3 a little bit better. I think episode 3 should have been the hands down winner, but it suffers a bit from the set up of episode 2. I just felt like I was supposed to like Anakin more. His fall to the darkside was supposed to illicit more of an emotional response from me, but I was almost grateful for the transition because I really didn't like his character much before the switch. To me, a lot of that is because of episode 2. That's when he is supposed to establish himself as the hero. I know that I said I can enjoy the prequels for what they are, but I just can't stand episode 2. To me, it's just a poorly made movie and to make things worse, episode 3 suffers because of how much episode 2 fails to set the stage.

I like episode 1. I like Qui Gon and I like Maul. I like the pod racing scene, although, it should have been a bit shorter. I can ignore Jar Jar. I still like episode 3 a bit more.