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Xenoanalyst II Harmode 16man
Boss HP: 3188863
Power Core HP: 376970
1st Wave HP: 102165
2nd Wave HP: 14126

At 88% he gets a shield and 8 people needs to click on the buttons on the pillar around the boss, until all buttons have been clicked on, you cannot damage the boss.

At 87% he will start channeling a ability called Thermal Tolerance at the tank, this ability gives the tank a debuff that makes him take more damage. It stacks so it starts at 1stack when boss starts and 10stacks when it is done, the channeling lasts för 10s, however during the channeling, the boss will continue to attack, meaning that for each stack, boss will hit harder until the other tank tauns.

At 75% he will start to channel Environmental Awakening for 30s, this will remove the shield from one of the Power Cores around the boss. All DPS needs to head for this and kill it before the channeling from boss runs out, when the Power Core dies, everyone will get pushbacked away from it, however you take no damage. When the Power Core dies, the boss takes increased damage for a 10s, my guess is that if you kill the datacore before the channel runs out, this is the result. However if you fail, the boss don't take any increased amount of damage, during this phase boss does no damage to the tanks.

At 60%, boss will start to channel Species Comparison for 3s, when this is done, four adds will spawn at the point where players came when entering the area. At the same time, boss will get his shield up and you once again need to click on the 8 buttons on the pillars around the boss.

At 55% boss will once again start to channel Thermal Tolerance, resulting in a tank swap.

At 44% he will once again start to channel Environmental Awakening, meaning one Power Cores shield goes down, same story again. All DPS move and start bursting down the core, pushback when it dies and you another 10s when the boss takes increased damage.

At 25% boss will use his shields and you need to click on the 8 buttons at the pillars around the boss yet again. Once again, four adds spawn at the point where the first group also spawned, these adds hits like a truck but are very slow. Use this and kite them while DPSing them down.

At 20% the boss enrage starts, he will start shooting people with a attack that does massive damage (called Generated Urgency), it does around 18k damage. This phase is very much like the last phase on Terror from Beyond where he hits random people once with a massive hit. Use this to your advantage and heal up the dude that just got hit and keep everyone topped, this phase ends when boss dies.

Feel free to give any feedback regarding these guesses of mine, also note that all the % I said can be different and the abilities can also be used at set times (Much like Writhing Horror), I am not sure, will need to see a 2nd video before I can be 100% sure.

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