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In the process of leveling 5th 50 pub on the pot5 server. I have noticed some hilarious and frustrating things while queuing for flashpoints. Tank jedi knights with endurance/willpower sabers and aim/ endurance implants that wipe on the first boss. Sage healers with strength/endurance sabers. Jedi knight tanks with wrong stat weapons again that will que as damage role and stay in soresu the whole time taking aggro away from you. People needing for things they don't need for their class then equip them right after. Numerous people not letting the tank attack first and just aggroing everything to themself. People that won't listen to you on final bosses that will stand in the fire on cademinu after you told them not to. PLEASE people this game is not hard read up on it search the forums you make it frustrating for people that want a quick run through these for gear. I literally LOL when I see tanks in flashpoints with the wrong gear on and when I try and call these people out on it they magically never respond. :facepalm:
The funny thing is, is that you are asking people who read up on the forums to read up on the forums. Those people who don't will never see this post.
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