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Lol, KOTOR2 is so amazing that people, fans you may call them, even bothered to work their asses to bring all the unseen content into the Restoration Project.

So you know what, I hope they'll do another SW game just to ruin your day.
It will kill another era.

KOTOR 2 was sooo boring it got KOTOR 3 canned.

Those 'mods' your so proud of won't fix the boring opening or the ending, still lame mystery to open with limited replay value 'It's the driod! He did it!'. Or the boring ending, which pecks too early; the assault on Telos was where we had a big battle, then we fight the final boss and save the galaxy. Which involved the remote doing something, requiring me to kill all the beasts. Then into the academy, which is full of enemies, who just wait for me to attack them, at least the Sttarforge had the ability to overwhelm me. So yeah

It won't ruin my day, I won't care. It will be like TFU 2, I will be disappointed that a good game could have been made instead of this.
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