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Well, you hit me there. You know, Ive never before played with others. But since I loved Kotor and wanted to test this.

After reading all of those excellent answers I've been training. Didn't know it was so much finesse in this game! Just thought it was a very hard game. But now when reading a lot of guides and stuff, I really can admit that I don't know how to play. Just as you say I just have pressed some bottoms to do something. And since I get killed in FPs all the time I guess I have stolen a lot of aggro.
Thank you very much guys! I wont be bothering anyone before I have learned to play the game properly.
Some answer have been tough but somehow, it's for your own good.

Every game, from IOS to PC and console game have an optimal way to play. Game mechanic you can learn and use to your advantage.

When you play solo (or a single player game), you don't have to play optimally, just have fun, and somehow manage to finish the mission/quest/game.

When you start playing co-op, this is where it start to matter. You don't want to let everybody down and be the cause of mission failure in your group, you want to be a good and reliable group member, so people enjoy playing with you, and you enjoy playing in group.

Like other have said, in that particular game, good game play go through those steps

- first: good talents tree. Try to find a guide on your class. For exemple type 'swtor sniper guide' and reproduce the way they assign talent point. Once you are experimented, you could do experiment on your own.

- second: know how to itemize. Being a sniper, you know you want cunning, cunnincg, cunning. The other stats (strength, willpower, aim) are not for you. Then what should you favor between acuracy, crit, surge, power etc... is more tricky, use guide to help you.

- third: learn a good rotation. Using the same guide, learn how to use your abilities. A rotation is a series of abilities in a given order you have to do to maximize you damage output. Typically, you will have 5-6 main abilities you will want to cycle through. In your case, as a sniper, you have to manage your energy as as well, as a rule of thumb, your energy should never drop below half.

4th and finally. Experience. THis can only be acquire by experience. Know how to play your toon. Avoid damage area (usually something on the ground). Use slice droid to disable a droid for 1 minute and don't attack it. Attack only target other people are attacking, don't attack sleeping target. stay at a good distance from target and keep you eyes open

Good luck and don't forget to have fun.
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