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02.13.2013 , 01:59 AM | #29
I did a Lost Island hardmode some time ago (random group w/ group finder) on my tank. When I zoned in, I saw it was a premade from a guild (3 from the guild + me). I figured this was gonna be a nice easy run, since everyone was decently geared. As normal, I guarded the marauder in full black hole gear (slightly optimized). I wasnt certain he would pull aggro, but it was either him, a sorc healer or a sorc dps (lol).

The marauder then went on and on about that I should guard the healer. I told him that guarding the healer had little to no point in this game, as healing barely generates threat, and if I hit a mob once with my basic attack, that's enough to hold aggro off the healer.

The marauder went on and on about this shait, even to the point where the other dps from his guild told him to stuff it. He refused to stop, and said 'If I were the healer, I would leave'. He then did a vote-kick on me (the tank, and you know.. tanks are easy to get for LI HM). Both the other guys voted no, of course, but I told him to shove it and left. I whispered the other dps that I had nothing against him or the healer, but that I wasnt gonna spend that entire flashpoint beeing berrated by a clueless dps. He whispered back and said 'Lol dont worry, I left that stupid group as well'. I then queued again once my lockout expired, got an instapop for LI, searched for Lost Island, and saw that outside of my group, the only people in LI was, you guessed it, the marauder + healer :P
Checked again after we killed lorrick.. Yep, they were still in there. Good times.