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A min-maxed Combat Sent using a correct opening rotation, DG pop relic, Adrenal, and Inspiration, and no Guard? I'm not doubting Kitru per se, but I just don't understand how it can be done to be honest.
First off, it should be noted that we don't have the DPS blow Inspiration right off the bat so they're not getting *that* (though I wouldn't put it past em on some of their runs). Also, I haven't run with a top tier Combat Sentinel so I don't have a decent frame of reference for their burst threat generation: I'm used to running with a Watchman Sentinel and an Assault VG. I will say that it's not necessary to actually outthreat someone to keep aggro off of them: if you jump in first, you only need to maintain 77% of their threat to keep aggro. At 2.5k burst threat generation, that's ~1925 TPS required of the tank, which is entirely possible for the first ~15 seconds of a fight (esp if you blow a power adrenal beforehand, FP with TkT, etc.).
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