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Even at 800 DPS, I have no idea how you hold agro in the opening volley of every fight without using guard and/or taunt. Once you factor in threat multipliers on abilities, 800 DPS corresponds to about 1950 TPS. That's very solid, but my Combat Sentinel breaks 2.4k DPS for the first 15 seconds of every fight (w/ Adrenal, Inspiration and average crits). Even with a guard, that's a pretty close call on threat. Without a guard, I would be face tanking within seconds of hitting the boss. I really would very, very much like to meet you on the PTS sometime, because I honestly would love to know *how* you can keep threat without guard/taunt against that kind of onslaught.
I second this.

A min-maxed Combat Sent using a correct opening rotation, DG pop relic, Adrenal, and Inspiration, and no Guard? I'm not doubting Kitru per se, but I just don't understand how it can be done to be honest.
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