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02.12.2013 , 08:28 PM | #1
I just finished a HM Maelstrom Prison run through group finder. One of group members was totally new to HM FPs. And it was a great, smooth run.

The healer commented how good a tank I was saying that the group was not taking a lot of damage because of "good tanking."

I responded by saying that DPS who follow strategies and instructions helps a LOT.

The newbie asked how he did, and I honestly told him that he is one of the best DPSers I ever grouped with...because he followed instructions. All we told him was to kill trash from weakest to strongest, when in doubt follow your tank target. And on bosses we gave him a one sentence synopsis of the mechanics. Granted most of HM MP is tank and spank with adds or one mechanic you have to avoid, but there are a lot players out there who don't read/listen and cause lots of frustration because of it.

Please, all you damage dealers out there, take this to heart - follow well defined strategies and instructions; you cannot do damage and get those pretty numbers when you're dead.