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Well compared to what the Empire had at the time, the Clone tech isn't all that great. I mean it certainly gives the RA some better support, but it isn't like they would have large amounts of the tech. Though they did get their hands on a factory and got ahold of some AT-APs and even some AT-XTs(which i'll cover them some other time.)
It's a lot better than sticks and stones! Even though it worked for the Ewoks.

But really, it wasn't like they were going to engage the Empire in full scale war. They wouldn't have won like that, even if they had everything a powerful organization (like the Chiss Ascendancy*). They did pretty well, despite not having what the Empire had. Though they were close to being defeated.

*Would be interesting to pit the Chiss against the Galactic Empire, wouldn't it?

Can't wait for the AT-XT! Pretty sweet looking walker.
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