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You don't need to have seen either trilogy to understand or watch the other. There is no reason to compare them.

And I have watched all the Plinkett reviews for the prequels and they're funny as hell, but alot of his complaints stem from comparing the two trilogies.


Bad a s s mutha fuc ka.

I'll do one better and describe all the other major characters too.

Padme - brave, devoted, and curious
Qui-Gonn Jinn - defiant, rogueish, and dashing
Obi-Wan - disciplined, reliable, and honorable
Anakin - whiny, avaricious, and brilliant
Palpatine - genius, powerful, and manipulative
Yoda - stoic, stern, and erudite

Just because the 4 idiots Plinkett interviews couldn't describe any of the characters, doesn't mean nobody else can.
Eh I would actually call Anakin more a deeply troubled man then whiny, I mean he was a slave, then he lost his mother, then he was fearing of losing his wife. But then again, I suppose you could characterize a number of characters in different ways.
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