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I have nothing against audio for the proc, but at least make it something other ppl can disable. the scoundrel healer on my first guild was laughing almost non-stop the whole raid. it was annoying as all heck. on the other hand, other pyros/assaults don't bother me one iota (whether I'm on the assault or not).

in short: an audio cue is fine. just...less annoying or something that can be disabled w/o messing up other sounds.

edit: I believe the proc on pyros was knocked back twice, once before I used him and once afterward (I think I picked mine up in 1.2/3; he was just a tank/tactics pve before then). anyway, 6s cd on proc. if the pyro saves his rocketpunch, though, it's almost a guarantee after the cd is up. those numbers are all top of m'head, and I don't care to look it up atm.
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