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Ok, I must not fully get it still. Each planet has a shard, each planet is a different level and while i go to each planet as i level I am usually there for about 4-5 levels. Now with that being said from level 15-23, i should be able to get all 3 shard pieces... and when I do I have to Start all over again at level 24 for the new pieces for those pieces. Does that sound right? the reason i say that is because looking at the above thread and the guide listed I can get only one on Balmorra and the next one is on Nar... but now im alrdy level 25... I dont get it
i figured it out with looking at the planets and locations and reading that you can disassemble the cubes to get the shards back for the next teir lvl of cube... now my last question is can i go to Republic starting areas to grab shards to complete (Ord Mantell) to be exact to make a cube? ( I am an Empire player) And two planets for the lvl 32 cube dont have shards if I am correct... (Alderaan and Taris) Taris does have one for the Republic (green) but not for the Empire...Not listed anyway. Thats why I ask if its possible to go to Ord Mantell... can you help? Thanx again