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Suggested areas to check out (inside TFB):
  • During final boss (TFB) you see the small anomaly like graphic (Can't click and it's not spawning anything). Try to use the orb during those and maybe you walk into them? (Not sure if they are showing up on SM as part of HM version that just isn't cast in SM). They seem to show up between the ground tenticles and water (Closest to tenticles) in the same spot. (further away from boss than those that usually spawn and pull you)
  • During transition of killing the final boss at 3% try it out and maybe JUMP?
  • Final boss TFB when you have the giant ball spinning for loot? (Would seem strange spot to do that)
  • Start checking every door and nook you can find in TFB from before the first boss all the way to TFB boss. Several buttons in core rooms that have no real use at this point in time.. Maybe a click of the ORB and then the buttons?
  • Operator IX area - maybe you drop down thru the floor when using the item.
  • During a couple HM runs while wiping on TFB we saw graphic glitchs in Kephess area. Maybe a specific spot located in his arena? Was near the end of the foot bridge he starts at.
  • Area around TFB seems pretty boring with lots of rocks to check out after you have killed him. Something like Gharji rock hoping is needed?
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