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02.12.2013 , 03:03 PM | #47
I have no problem playing with new players... as long as they make it known that they're still learning their way around the game. We were all there once, and it's ok to be a noob. I'm actually playing with my three roommates and two of them have never played an MMO before so I've had to explain mechanics regarding threat. focusing targets, kill order, cc, and the like. Not a big deal.

My problems come when people queue up for flashpoints and attempt to play the wrong role, don't listen to group members, and need on loot they can't use. A few nights ago, I was running Hammer Station on my Powertech with a PUG group: PT tank, Sorc DPS, PT DPS (me), Merc healer. Well, the Merc healer (level 19) would not use the heal cell despite me asking him repeatedly to switch to it. He also needed on EVERY SINGLE DROP. There was a pair of blue gloves for our Sorc friend that he needed on and won. Everybody flips out (rightfully so), the tank even said, "Mercs use willpower now?" Then he tried to extort 50 credits out of the Sorc for the gloves. We told him to give up the gloves or he was getting kicked, so he gave them up. Then he needed on the BH Hammer Chest piece (which he was already wearing) when me and the tank could have used it, and then needed on willpower boots that the Sorc needed on. We kicked him after that. He had the gall to ask, "Why are you guys kicking me???" and "I don't know what type of gear I use!" before we got rid of him. Personally, I refuse to believe that you can finish the Hutta and Kaas and reach level 19 without knowing the kind of gear you use. I think he was either a loot ninja or some little kid playing his brother's/dad's/friend's character.