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Leap roots and interrupts in any spec. Watchman spec gets Zero minimum range Leap, which acts like an extra melee interrupt/root. Some specs like combat and Vigilance can spec for an extra second of root to help them get Master Strike off.

I'm honestly a little surprised at your inaccuracy about this.
heh. it's been a loooong while since I played the sent. started doing it again recently. I only ever used leap as a closer or interrupt tbh - maybe also to gen focus in pve. the cd on it is ridiculously short compared to harpoon. I sure notice that.

but yeah...I always looked at it as an int to mess with mercs. lol

and honestly, when a mara/sent leaps to you, it's the easiest thing in the world to counter for any class. punt. if no punt is avail, see if he starts ms for stun or if he cauts you can cleanse/stun. about the only thing you can't counter is an instant smash...unless you react to the leap and not his action...or you're really quick at checking his stance. prolly getting ot here as I have no idea what we were talking about anymore.

edit: I think the mezz after the leap thing was just someone using awe when he lands. that's common. I'm sure there's no mezz.
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