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Well am back folks with the Analysis threads here, today we will be looking at the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer or otherwise known as the AT-TE so lets get to it.

"These weapons of war would be awe-inspiring, if they were not so terrifying."

―Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

The AT-TE was a multi-purpose assault vehicle ranging from transporting a platoon of clones to making full scale assaults on enemy installations. It performed quite well as a support role with clones, and usually deployed in large numbers to overwhelm the enemy with the sheer volume of fire. The rear compartment was cramped though, with holo communications and other computerized equipment, on a standard model clones were in the forward and rear compartments with large doors so the clones could exit the vehicle. On a variant of the model, it could house two AT-RTs in storage configuration with their riders, another variant had small facilities for a mobile command center and many other variants were made throughout the war.

The AT-TE was impervious to ion weaponry thanks to its electromagnetic shielding, its average speed was 60 km/h(or 37.2 mph) and it could also penetrate through energy shields thanks to its feet. The AT-TE could also work well in space as proven during the Battle of Bothawui being deployed on asteroids, it housed enough fuel to run the walker at full speed for over 500 kilometers and provided enough air and rations for the crew for 3 weeks.

Seven crew members had to be specifically trained to manage the walker, one was the pilot who worked the six legs, another working the several sensor stations, a spotter which relayed the information to 4 the gunners, and a final member sitting ontop of the walker in the heavy cannon who was partially exposed to enemy fire. 10 clones could fit for a total of 20, and in addition it also held an IM-6 Medical Droid in the back.

The AT-TE was not invulnerable though even with its heavy armor as it had a weakness in its underbelly, which from a single rocket hit could disable it as proven when a Hellfire tank fired upon one and they were also vulnerable to air attacks, and due to its low ground it was also threatened by mines.

After the Clone Wars, the AT-TE was still in use by the Empire but moreso on backwater worlds in the Outer Rim, though were sometimes used for support alongside AT-ATs and other large vehicles, and some were modified to serve as a more logistics role moving cargo., some also found their way into the Rebel Alliance.

AT-TE Schematics:

Max Speed: 60 km/h(or 37.2 mph)

Armament: 6 anti-personal laser cannons(4 infront, 2 on rear), 1 mass-driver cannon

Compliment: 1 IM-6 Medical Droid, 2 AT-RTs(variant model)

Crew: 1 pilot, 1 spotter, 5 gunners

Cargo Capacity: 10 tons

Consumables: Fuel: 500 km, Air: 3 weeks, Rations: 3 weeks

Roles: Armor, Mechanized Infantry, Troop Transport
Pictures - On Geonosis - Simple View

Thoughts: This is my 3rd favortie walker, with the 1st being the AT-AP and 2nd the AT-PT. I like the look and design of the AT-TE, its very...interesting with its shape being beetle like and clearly its a true assault walker with the heavy armor and armament it has on. Though it later being outdone by the AT-AT, I would pick the AT-TE over it any day.
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