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don't you have an automatic root on your punt, independent of legshot? or maybe every sniper/gs I encounter has the two abils macro'd (possible).

honestly, though, how long does full resolve (i.e., whitebar) last? 4s? 5s? how long does a root last? 2s. there is not "resolve" system for roots, so they can be daisy chained ad infinitum. half of the whitebar is lost in one root, and anyone else can reroot whenever. meanwhile, the whitebar continues to tick away.

why would anyone ever be upset about that?

the system is bad. but I've already said as much. so flame on.

i'm pretty sure I had to spec into that on my watchman.

for the other guy...
a mezz after a leap?

the guardian tanks have something more frustrating where they gain cc immunity after their leap.

the root after leap is specific to combat spec and goes along with master strike. it's core to that spec, and there are a lot of ways to circumvent it anyway.
As you have said while in bar the roots can still be applyed, but im saying they shouldnt be able to used while your in the white bar if you are immune to stuns/roots/slows (white bar) these things shouldnt be able to be used!