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Mercenaries in general, whether bodyguard, pryo, or arsenal all depend on long cast time abilities. Which in PvP is essentially a self root.

In the few posts I've seen addressing the topic of stat priority that aren't a year plus old, I've always seen alacricity placed at the bottom of the barrel. That seems counter-intuitive. If cast times are the issue, why wouldn't you want to prioritize that a little higher?

I read somewhere in these forums back during the first months of launch that taking the alacricity stat reduces your damage and overheats you. They tried to show that unload did less damage because it wasn't being casted it's entire length, and that you are losing out on bonuses you get from surge, power, and whatever else you put behind it. Overheating comes because the heat mechanic is time based and more casts with less time just equals more heat. Sound argument, especially for a PvE fight.

In my experience in PvP, just starting out in the 50 PvP scene, rarely do I survive long enough , or have an overabundance of targets to shoot at to overheat. Now this is 50 PuG running so it's not like I have a healer keeping me up, whether I'm healing or dps'ing. With a little testing by increasing the alacricity stat my tracer missle is at 1.3 seconds cast, so I can get more of them off without being "rooted" in place. Am I fooling myself by thinking that stat could help solve the turret play style? What do you all think?

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