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“Would carbonite freezing help?” she asked.

Why hadn't he thought of that? Of course the medical bays would have a carbonite freezing system, for bad injuries or illnesses that couldn't be fixed on the spot. “Yes, absolutely … if we can get him there unobserved.”

“I've hacked the security holocams, remember?” and he could almost hear her smiling. “Your med bay has been showing a loop of Twelve lying on the bed on his own, just in case anyone checked it. I can do the same with the corridor outside, then I'll come up and deal with the guard outside your door, but it's going to need a distraction to be sure we don't get interrupted on the way.”

"What's happening with Ban?" Lokin asked.

"Seven medics and a few droids buzzing round him like flies on a ball of dung. Tubes and wires and flashing lights everywhere, looks like a life day celebration gone wrong."

"Such a colourful description .... any sign of Garbh?"

"Nope, not yet. They probably haven't dared tell him."

"True, probably still hoping they can bring Ban out of it." Lokin smirked with grim satisfaction. "What about the rest of the medical area? Any comings and goings?"

"A few, but they're all around the big bays, not down with you. There's no guard on the carbonite chamber. The only person we need to deal with at this moment is the guard on your door and I can handle that."

"We still need a distraction to be sure we don't get disturbed." Lokin frowned in deep thought. "Oh, and jam the door lock on Ban's room, just in case one of the medics decides to take a wander."

"Already on the list, Eckard. I do know what I'm doing." He could hear her grinning. The news that Twelve was out of immediate danger had brightened her up considerably. "Give me five minutes, I've already set up a few things in anticipation."

Lokin checked Twelve's status again while he was waiting for her. He was definitely stable and his breathing was easier, but the stability was fragile, and he couldn't be transported easily with the oxygen mask and IV line still in. Carbonite freezing, for all its potential effects on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, was definitely the safest way.

Cirean came back on the comlink. "Ok, I've set up a nice sabotage series to keep the Reps well distracted: a power failure in the main med bays to keep everyone there, then a second one on the bridge, with non-working backup relays, obviously. Then a chain of apparently random alarms all over the ship except the med bays, each one triggered by fixing the one before. Also, all their docking bay doors have mysteriously lost their lubricatiion fluid and won't open, just in case they notice we've gone and decide they might send fighters or shuttles out to follow us. I can trigger it all from a subconsole on my way up to you. In this uniform I'll just be one more engineer rushing to fix stuff."

Despite the situation, Lokin couldn't refrain from laughing. "That will really keep them occupied. You actually enjoy this stuff, don't you?" he asked.

"Oh yes, there's so much more I could do. I was going to try and locate Garbh's quarters so I could set up a sewage backflow, but sadly I didn't manage it in time." She almost giggled. "I'm on my way now, see you in a bit."
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