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Shorts 9131 biggest hit

But what i'm entertained about on this screen shot is the damage output of the opposing team. I've complained about people doing less then 100k in warzones, but then I saw people do less than 50k, but then the under 10k blew my mind...

I will give Moi and Linkerton props. At least you tried. Moi you are braver then I to run right into covenant boys... as squishy as you are. I would run away from them and hide, but hey like I said you are braver then I am.

Under 10k damage shot.

I'm not even talking about node watchers. Yes I know I didn't do any damage. And as I've stated before I can heal or dps, which do you prefer? If I don't have to heal, then I'll try to do healy damage. I have taken my scoundrel healer out and 1vs1 a much higher level jugg and stole his node. It is rare, and I do get all excited when I do kill something.
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