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I always find number 2 an odd critiscism.

If BW applied the Rep unlocks retrospectively, many players would simply automatically unlock everything based on previous gameplay....and have no extra content to play / grind through???

Surely that would penalize long term players more?

Can you imagine the outcry then?

Imagine the outcry? I can actually given I've had experience with this on another MMO. You see, I was part of that fiasco when PW/Cryptic did this with Star Trek Online for 7th Season (by adding a grind reputation system much like this one). All the work that I (and many others) had done for the Elite STF missions were removed from my inventory and then the equivalent points for the new system given to me in a box that I wouldn't be able to open until I reached at least Tier 3 in the New Reputation System. Their forums went up in flames the likes of which you thought an H-Bomb of epic proportions had been dropped on PW's Home Office. Hell, they were trying to stop the disparaging remarks and flames from users (free & subscriber) by deleting the messages in question only to find themselves fighting a hydra in cutting off one head, three were popping up in it's place.

In the end, they took so much flack for this (and the half-dozen other issues that they created) that they couldn't back out of the system they created fast enough. But even then it ended up with significant player bleed-off (another reason why I'm here more than STO).

I can easily see the same thing happening here if this thread is any indication of what's to come.

Personally, I find myself dubious of the new reputation system. It seems like the sort of grind I don't want to do when I'm playing a game... Especially at end-game levels. Grinding when it doesn't feel like a grind is fun (like DCUO's reputation system that seems more like an afterthought than an actual reputation system)... When it feels like work -- as it is with STO -- well, I will vote with my money and go elsewhere. Not with a lot of drama, and even less in forum-related threats. I will simply disappear and delete any "we miss you" e-mails you might send me when I'm no longer playing.

Listen to that if you want EA...