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02.12.2013 , 12:22 PM | #9
Dear custom support,

after your o so great new patch (feel teh sarcasm)
I can't use my main character anymore.

after i try to log in with the character it send me back to the choose character screen.
And suddenly my main character is inactive.
So i tried to activate it wich a new messege pops up that it says i only am able to have 6 active characters on a server. so i said ok and ten een error pops up and says i need to contact custom support

i'm a subscriber so i think that it's weird.
But then i look at my character sloth status and it says this:

6/12 sloths
0 characters inactive.

wich is weird since in the character list is syas that my main is inactive
I only own 6 characters

I would like for you to fix this as fast as possible since this is my only lvl 50 and there is an event ongoing now.
this is the info about the character:

Name: Nasume
Legacy: Mayu
Class: Jedi Gaurdian
Level: 50
Server: The red eclipse

here is a picture of how it looks: