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I was a complete noob a year ago, no clue what CC, aggro, AoE, DoT or anything else was. Yet I have never been kicked from a group.

My rules are

1. Read about you class and role. There are plenty of good guides on the forum and on the internet, there is no shortage of information.
2. Check your gear. Make sure your gear is right for your class and level appropriate. Donít be entering a level 25 flashpoint in the same gear you got at level 10 on the fleet.
3. Be friendly and treat people with respect. They are just as important as you to the groups success and have just as much right to be there. Say hello and thank you. Being a little polite makes it really difficult for people to kick you. You make a mistake, apologize to the group.
4. Do not use NEED unless it is gear that you can use (appropriate to your class and role) and it is a clear upgrade. If there is any doubt either greed or ask.
5. Kill in the right order. In most cases Weak Ė Strong Ė Elite Ė Champion. However, if the tank or other experience player tells you to kill something else first do it. Sometimes adds will heal or stun and the group will want to take them out first.
6. Donít stand in AoE (areas of effect).
7. Learn to use interrupts
8. Let the tank lead and pull. Follow the tank and wait for them to pull before attacking.
9. Donít waste the groups time. If the group is moving faster than you can do scans for crewskills then stop doing crewskills, keep up with the group and donít go afk during the group play. If you have to eat or check the laundry, then do it before you enter group finder or before you start group play.
10. Heal between pulls (healer will love you and will be less likely to vote kick). Also know and use your defensive cooldowns, this will also make the healer love you.
11. You do all of this not only will the you be less likely kicked (unless you get some total jerks), but the game will become extremely easy both in group play, but also solo.
12. You can state your opinion, but if the majority decides something one way, accept it and do it their way. Best just to always go along with the tank in most flash points since dps is a dime a dozen.
13. Don't break CC's